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    Hardback, 25,5 x 32,5cm, 188 pages.
    Published by Rouleur, 2010.
    ISBN 978-0-9564233-3-7
    Sold out.

    Press Reviews


    Below are a few media review extracts for The Peloton:

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany), 02.04.2011
    Love – Hate

    The Peloton is a magnificient book. It presents men that love or hate their job, that describe or deny doping, talk about drudgery, or about beauty, about horrific crashes or homesickness. Or about persisting, even as a gregario, one that never wins a race. It is a mosaic that succeeds, through faces and tales, to put together the multiple personality of cycling again.
    These portraits allow us a look at people without pose: exposed but never unmasked; tired or mistrustful; sad or defiant; injured or vulnerable. Being a cyclist is a job in a demimonde: you’re half respected and half outlawed.

    El País (Spain), 27.02.2011
    A race of legends and polemics

    The cold and irresistible attraction of a clear vision, without shadows, without greys, without passion. Black and white. And a moral command: good guys and bad ones.

    The inner perspective, intimate and fascinating, nerving from time to time, is also the words of the cyclists – a group composed of a multitude of characters and circumstances, not of robots, but exposed to a scrutiny and criticism few sportsmen are able to tolerate.

    The Guardian (UK), 03.07.2011

    Most of the cyclists in Timm Kölln’s wonderful book of portraits look more like coal miners at the end of a shift than professional sportsmen. For six years, Kölln has hung around major races with a white backdrop and photographed riders just before they climb on their bikes or immediately after they clock off, caked in muck and grime after a long day in Flanders or weather-beaten and broken by the Alps. The 96 stark black-and-white images collected here are wonderfully expressive and are supplemented by brief interviews that never outstay their welcome.

    The subjects include all of the big names of the last decade, minus Armstrong, but perhaps the most interesting are the lesser-known domestiques, the much-abused support riders finally given equal billing with the superstars of the sport. „You get used to not winning,“ admits Charlie Wegelius, a British rider who has been a professional since 2000 and never won a race. „Otherwise it’s like waiting for Christmas every day, and it never comes.“

    Sportweek (Italy), 28.05.2011
    The art of fatigue

    These portraits explain why cycling still maintains a unrivalled fascination.

    Il Caffè (Switzerland), 05.06.2011
    Faces of cycling

    How best to articulate the romanticism of cycling in a world of 24-hour media coverage, of wall-to-wall technology and seemingly endless doping scandals?
    In the most straightforward way of all; photography and brief, simple texts. It’s a methodology which, if handled correctly and sensitively, is worth more than any number of words.

    Interview in The Paris Review (USA), June 2011

    Close Press Reviews

    Hardback, protected by a slipcase.
    Limited to 100 numbered and signed copies including an original baryta print of
    the cover photograph.

    Published by Rouleur, 2010.
    Sold out.

  • Look at You - Regardez-moi !

    Exhibition catalogue, 2013.
    28 pages.

  • Rouleur Magazine

    Most of my Road Racing Reportage appears in Rouleur Magazine, with whom I have been cooperating since 2007. Review the stories here.

  • Ik ben renner

    A new compilation of interviews with the protagonists of road racing conducted by Dutch journalist Nando Boers.
    Ambo Anthos Uitgivers, 2021.

  • Domestique by Charly Wegelius

    Charly Wegelius‘ review on his professional cycling career, originally published by Ebury Press in 2013, is also available in German and Spanish.

  • Rouleur Photography Annual 2013

    The 2013 Annual concentrates exclusively on the Centenary Tour de France, with contributors each covering three stages of the race. I set my focus on Saint Béat, a tiny Pyreneen village that had been devastated by flash floods a couple of weeks before the event.

  • De Muur Interviews

    A selection of Dutch journalist Nando Boer’s most intimate interviews with relevant protagonists of road racing.

  • Amigo! Wielermail 2009-2012

    Amigo! is an intimate exchange of letters between journalist Nando Boers and former pro cyclist Pedro Horrillo, whose career came to an aprupt end when crashing at the Giro d’Italia 2009. Published in the Netherlands by De Muur, may 2013.

    Amigo is also available in English, published in the UK by Mousehold Press in june 2014.

  • One Way Road

    Over the past 15 years, Australian sprinter Robbie McEwen has been one of the most charismatic figures in cycling. His autobiography is as uncompromising as any of his race finishings. Published by Random House Australia in 2012.

  • Rouleur Photography Annual 2010

    “Start Off” and “Stage 9”, two stories from the Tour de France 2010, feature in volume 4 of Rouleur’s highly collectable annual.


    The Peloton is the cover story of De Muur, issue 30.
    Published in The Netherlands by LJ Veen in October 2010.

  • Rouleur Photography Annual 2009

    “Winter Ride”, “Castilla-León” and “Le Tour” feature in the third edition of Rouleur’s inspiring annual.

  • In de tour

    The book, written by Nando Boers, has been launched in Holland by LJ Veen in May 2010 and includes my 2009 Tour de France reportage on Team Skil Shimano’s Tour debut.

  • “De Klassiekers”

    The third volume of De Muur’s most popular stories is dedicated to the classics.
    Published in spring 2011 by LJ Veen, The Netherlands.

  • “Vive le Tour!”

    As a follower of Pedala, Pedala!, this volume collects De Muur’s most popular stories on the Tour de France.
    Published in June 2010 by Amstel Sport, The Netherlands.

  • Pedala, Pedala!

    The 25 best stories of Holland’s popular cycling magazine De Muur.
    Published by Amstel Sport, The Netherlands.

  • Andiamo! – een eeuw Giro d’Italia

    Published by Amstel Sport, The Netherlands.
    My Racing Polas from the Giro d’Italia 2006 feature both on the cover and as a photo-essay with an introducing text by Bert Wagendorp.

  • Rouleur Photography Annual 2008

    Includes Ronde Van Vlaanderen Racing Polas and a photographs from the Giro d’Italia at the Dolomites with an introducing text by Carlos Arribas.

  • Road to Roubaix

    This documentary film is a meritory approach to Paris-Roubaix. The directors asked me to take part with an interview after filming me incidentally on work.

  • Rouleur Photography Annual 2007

    A 22-page appearance of The Peloton along with other series from esteemed colleagues of Rouleur Magazine.