Pedro Pardo

Pedro Pardo, 27 years old

„You get me as I am. I won’t change for anyone in the world. Just as I respect anyone I’d like to be respected. I can’t ask for respect if I don’t show respect myself. I learned a lot at the bullfighting school in this regard. There’s a lot of discipline there and I’m especially enthused by the mind-set of the young kids. They are so impressive! Who knows how they see me?

I’m finishing studies in management and marketing, but I’ve realised it’s not for me. I become small in an office. I definitely want to dedicate my time to the world of bulls. It won’t escape me.

I always love to go back to my village where everybody knows each other. Where they make the coffee the way I like it. Where people follow what you do and comment: “I’m going to come to see you.” That’s nice. I feel at home there.“